From Photographers I've Worked With:

Phoenix is not only a very talented and experienced model. Phoenix brings a great energy and enthusiasm to any shoot. She can bring your concepts to life or help create concepts on the fly. Just let her know what you are looking to do and you have a wonderful collaborator. She is not just another pretty face, but a model who will throw herself 110% into your project to make it happen. If you have not yet worked with her, you are missing out and need to rectify your mistake immediately! - Adam Alexander

Phoenix is a joy to work with. She takes direction well but is willing to contribute. Well worth her input to make a shoot even better. She is one of my favorite models to shoot with. - Jason A Star

Phoenix has that certain something that photographers love in front of their camera. She has the ability to take your vision and run with it, adding her own unique flavor to any concept. Always professional, on-time, and accomodating of spontaneous changes, she is also extremely personable and sweet, and an absolute pleasure to work with! - Michael Bobrow

I had a very satisfying photo shoot with Phoenix. I have shot with many models and I value certain qualities in a model: adaptability, reliability and creativity. Phoenix took my photographic direction extremely well, was punctual and prepared for our shoot and was willing to expand her preconceptions to achieve my desired results. I highly recommend her! And she is drop-dead gorgeous!   - David Segal

From Models I've Worked With:

I had the pleasure of working with Phoenix on one occasion (so far) and can’t wait until I’m able to work with her again in the future. She’s got a fiery spirit and a wonderful personality that just makes you smile when you’re around her. She was full of fun ideas and did what it took to get a good picture. Her attitude was very professional and I had no trouble being comfortable around her despite meeting her only moments before. All in all it was a great experience and I hope to work with her again in the future whether I be modeling with her, or shooting her behind the camera. - Allison Elizabeth

From Directors I've Worked With:

If I had a nickel for every actress who'd let me shoot her being hosed down and molested by a mother and her two homicidal backwoods sons; I'd have a nickel. Phoenix packs a ton of talent in a tiny frame. Her beauty makes her good, her professionalism makes her great! Where energy and focus meet, you'll find Phoenix. She's a true asset to any production. This girl can act! Book her! Seriously....... Do it. I know scary people. -  Ed Hyde: The Shadow Projects

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